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What I am Learning from Working Out On a Regular Basis

I have a confession…I really don’t like to work out, but it’s starting to grow on me. They say 21 days makes a habit, right? Well, I’ve passed the 21 day mark and I’m still going. Want to know why? It’s because I feel so much better mentally and physically, therefore, I’m not giving up on myself and I will love it one way or another! This is our family’s “New Kind of Normal.”

Big Wins Don’t Always Mean Weight Loss

First off, I have learned to throw that scale out the window and you should too! Not really, but just tuck it away in a closet somewhere, because all that it does is make you obsess.

So many people get discouraged when the scale only moves a few pounds, but it needs to be stopped! There are many other changes that need to be gauged besides pounds. For instance, I have only lost 15 pounds, but my inches are beginning to melt away. I have lost over 10 inches since January 7th when I began this journey. You definitely don’t want to let your weight guide you, because as you increase muscle, you are losing fat. Muscle is more dense and compact therefore, you will lose inches and feel a heck of a lot better in the mean time. Additionally, muscle is going to help you burn more calories so it’s a win – win situation!

Your success is not about the number! When you are eating healthy and moving, it reduces your risk of chronic disease and puts your cholesterol, insulin, and blood pressure in check.

It’s a Life Altering Change in Your Mindset…At Least Mine

With my monthly PMDD struggles, I had to figure out something different than medication. When I began exercising on a daily basis, I began to notice positive changes.

I am beginning to look at myself differently. I am walking with more confidence. I am more positive about life, and I am much happier during my monthly PMDD struggles. Eating right and exercising is becoming a way of life for my family. It has affected me in such a positive way that no matter how bad I dislike exercising, I will never quit! I will always make that time for me!

What We Do To Work Out

Exercising doesn’t have to be an expensive monthly fee that you pay. It can be something as simple as walking, sit-ups, or push-ups in your living room. Ultimately, it’s up to you! Ask yourself some simple questions:

What do you enjoy?
Do you like going to a gym?
Do you like mall walking?
Do you like having accountability?

You are the only one that can push yourself to eat right, and exercise, but it starts today and it starts with one minute at a time, one inch at a time, one pound at a time!

For my family, we started with a friend at his home gym. He pushes us, he holds us accountable. They are hard workouts, but he taught us to do what we could do and then do a little more. We also began working out at home with Beach Body. There are hundreds of exercising options for all fitness levels, from dancing, yoga, Pilates, hit, and more. There are also so many accountability Facebook groups to help keep you motivated and on track. So, if you are one that likes to be on your own, then that’s a great option!

In addition to their live streaming, they offer great meal plans and Shakeology drinks, which are by far my absolute favorite….especially with some fruit and PB2 in it!

Become More Powerful Than You Think

Your muscles will hurt! You will be tired! You will breathe like you are having a medical emergency! You may even think…someone please call 911! Trust me when I say this, it’s a normal feeling! You are stronger than you think you are. Don’t let your body control you, you control your body. It’s all you, so NEVER give up on yourself! Each time you will get better. You will become stronger! It will become second nature without thinking about it. Feel free to reach out to us. We can all hold each other accountable.